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Are you looking to purchase a vacation or second home? Do you wish to purchase a new car? Have you been struggling to start planning for your retirement? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Rubbix Risk & Wealth Management Inc. is here to help.

With over thirty years of experience with financial planning in Grande Prairie, AB, we will help you formulate the financial plan you need to achieve your financial goals. From estate planning and college planning to financial savings, we have a service that will fit your individualized needs.

Without a proper plan, your financial goals will remain dreams and will never materialize into reality. Our step by step financial planning process will assist you in bringing your financials aspirations to life.

The first step is to determine your specific financial objectives. Maybe you are looking to attend a post graduate institution. Perhaps you wish to purchase your first home. No matter what your financial goals are, firmly identifying them is the first step in creating an effective financial plan.

The second step is to evaluate your current financial state. How much money do you make annually? How much debt do you have? How many assets do you have? What are your spending and saving habits? These questions will help us gauge your current financial state and allow us to help you find the means to achieve your financial goals.

The third step is to help you secure the funds you need to meet your financial objectives. From portfolio diversification and asset allocation to creating a monthly budget that will allow you to save more money, we will work with you to find the financial methods and techniques you need to procure income to fulfill your financial aspirations.

Finally, we will look over your plan and inspect its progress. Markets, situations, and in turn, finances can change. In the event that your plan is failing to generate the results that you desire, we will aid you in making the necessary changes. We are committed to giving you the financial education and tools you need to reach financial independence.

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